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April 20 2019 News Bulletin

If you are planning on celebrating 4/20 this Saturday, please remember that although California legalized cannabis in 2016 -- not every cannabis activity is lawful; and even when following the law, it's just as important to practice responsible behavior. For more information about what’s legal and how to stay responsible, please check out these two videos, courtesy of our friends at LACityview35.

March 22 2019 News Bulletin

As the Executive Director of the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation, I want to thank you for your interest in, and engagement with, the City’s cannabis related policies and programs and our administration of the Rules and Regulations adopted by the City Council for licensed commercial cannabis businesses within the City of Los Angeles.

Phase 1 Renewals

Later this month, DCR will issue all eligible Phase 1 Priority Processing Applicants and Testing Lab Applicants an invoice to pay their annual renewal fee(s).